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Cause and Effect


The 6 things we can do when feeling frustrated about a lack of control in any given situation!

  1. Acknowledge that everything is perfect and happening just as it should. Be grateful that things look how they look.  The Universal Law of Appreciation says “What you appreciate will grow and become more pronounced”.  The more you appreciate something the less your focus is on what’s wrong.  (Doesn’t matter if you are waiting on a biz deal to come in, or waiting to see if your partner is going to leave you or vice-versa or if you are going to meet your soul mate). The answer is the same.
  1. Let go and trust that while you may be uncomfortable with this process that quite possibly someone else is going to see something that you missed in your project /situation that will make it better. Trust that whoever is holding onto it at this time is injecting the same care and love into your project that you are. Universal law of Cause and Effect.  (What kind of energy have you been putting into this situation? Are you being negative and controlling? Doubtful and fearful? Then you need to let go and start to trust that things will get better and start making proactive steps to do that).
  1. Self-examination:  What are you afraid of?  Look and see if you aren’t blocking the path by being over-bearing, controlling, critical, impatient or demanding. Make sure that you care coming from a space of unity and creativity, a “greater good mentality” and The Law of Abundance. You’re outcome is directed by your focus.  (Again doesn’t matter what type of relationship situation we are talking about). Then do something about what you discovering about yourself. Take action.  If you notice you’re impatient, then resist picking up the phone or sending an email…work on trusting the situation.
  1. Keep moving. Don’t stop what you are doing, just because you are waiting on a piece of information or someone to say yes to you or your idea. Plan your strategic next steps by asking yourself two questions. If they say no – what is my next step? If they say yes, what is my next step?  Then begin to implement what needs to be done for the yes and for the no.  (Sometimes there IS nothing to do).  At least by asking the questions and getting an answer it’ll feel empowering. You’ll also be more prepared if they come back with a yes – you’ll be ready.  You can also put in a mental date as to when you will follow up. Then stick to that date – don’t deviate or hound people – it becomes an energy drain for them and for you. Universal Law of Cause and Effect.
  1. What if they really are ripping you off – stealing your ideas or moving forward without you? It happens all the time. What then?  If you feel that you may be being treated poorly – confide in an outside source. Someone you trust. This person can be a business mentor, a good friend, someone in your company that knows the situation, but not someone intimately involved is best, or a psychologist, life coach, or great intuitive/psychic. They’ll be able to put things in perspective for you and help you deal with your anxiety. They’ll be able to help you determine the difference between over-reacting, irrational thinking, or creating chaos where there is none. Then this is the hardest part – take that outside sources opinion and run with it. Do what they suggest. I can’t tell you how many times people will call me and then I’ll give them the information/suggestion and they do the opposite – call me back and tell me they should have listened to me. I’m guilty of doing this as well. We just are reacting out of fear.   Universal Law of Attraction: (here you have to apply trust – not blind trust.  But trust that you will take the right steps and decisions at the right time. That if there is something wrong that you’ll get the information somehow – somewhere.
  1. Work on yourself. Constantly. Be willing to do what is hard. To accept responsibility – always!  It’s tough being the more evolved person in a relationship, but once you are committed to that you’ll may be surprised that the other person gets pulled up to your level instead of you being pulled down to theirs.  It’s a balance.  Nothing stays the same. Change is eminent.

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