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Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
New beginnings and unexpected possibilities show up this week; anything from an opportunity to move your home or office to a less expensive location to someone looking to hire you away from your current position. Backroom negotiations and momentum shifts are likely to be in your favor. You may choose to focus on your nutrition, diet and exercise this week in a new way: without the pressure while still guaranteeing long-term success. Automobile repairs may be done; buying and selling may be presented as an option. Financially, you may catch an error with an unexpected bill, leaving you with less than what you thought or owing more than you would like for the moment. No worries,
since there are too many positive things happening for it matter. Romantically, coupled Caps may feel disconnected later in the week, when you are heading in one direction and your partner another. It’s temporary, and things are likely to heat up much faster between the two of you. Single Caps are having fun and enjoy being in the spotlight. Someone new notices your charms, or things move to a new level with someone familiar. Celebrate your new-found sensuality!

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