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Week of December 27, 2010

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
It’s time to follow through with ideas and not take no for an answer. Dig deep and don’t feel remorse for not acting sooner. You can begin implementing action steps to make your dreams come true after December 30, when Mercury retrograde ends. This is a perfect time for new beginnings. The recent full moon eclipse on the 21st may have given you a jump-start by clearing your plate of burdensome responsibilities or deals that may have fallen to the wayside. You can start to trust the information you receive later this week as authentic and viable. Let go of self-sabotaging ways and stop being so hard on yourself. Romantically, coupled Caps are hungry for honesty and a one-for-all-all-for-one mentality; you can get there with a little patience and fortitude. Single Caps may be concerned about what’s next for them. Let go of the struggle and just have fun; the right partner will show up when you’re busy living life and no longer looking. If you’ve just snagged “the one,” new developments showing you the strength of the relationship will be revealed in the short weeks ahead. Celebrate being on top of things!

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