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When you are uncertain about something, what are 4 things you can do to create certainty?

1. Let go – stop trying to control or anticipate every move.  Have patience and trust that what you are seeing with your physical eyes isn’t everything that is going on.  Become the observer in your own life.

2. Focus on the things you want to have happen, not the things you don’t want to have happen.  (Too many times people focus on the negative, and of course, that is what the universe gives them, because that’s where they’re thoughts are going – so it’s the overriding energy and the law of attraction gives them what they are focused on).

3. Pay attention to the serendipitous events that start to occur as soon as you let go and step out of your life.  Then follow them – take action! When you begin to pay attention the right people start to show up, opportunities appear, things begin to happen.  It’s uncomfortable – it’s supposed to be!  That’s how you know you’ve let go.

4. Keep repeating this process, and with each serendipitous event you create more certainty within yourself that things will get better.  Those things are moving you in the right direction.

Key point:  It’s important to minimize your interaction with people who don’t believe in you or what you are trying to accomplish, unless you are one of those people who utilize that energy to drive yourself to succeed.


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The Energy of Certainty

The  following is information that I channeled for last weeks’ radio show on the subject of Certainty.

“Certainty is an energy that will help to sustain you. It will allow you to rise above the challenges and the disappointments. It allows you to bridge the gap of communication from the unknown to the known. By having certainty as your constant companion you’ll be able to ride the waves of uncertain times. This action of having certainty will create a friction. Within this friction an electrical bond occurs, and within this electrical bond are all the particles and connections that one needs to sustain oneself. You call it the point of origin.  When you are connected to this place you are connecting to the certainty that everything has a plan, a motion, a time and set point when it will be delivered, how it will look, etc. Your job in times of uncertainty or doubt is to push those emotions away by remaining connected to your certainty that everything is perfect in the moment, and will work out.

This creates a bridge through the uncertainty and will build a stronger connection within you. This also allows for new communication to come into the mind-body so that you’ll be able to see more clearly what is off with your current equation so that you may switch gears or make the necessary changes to forward your cause, thus altering your current situation with your new-found awareness you can make the changes necessary to have a different outcome – thereby bringing you to the new clarity you were seeking.”

Look for information on how to create certainty in my next post.

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