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This Week for Libra’s

Week of September 27, 2010

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
Finance: You will be pleased to discover this week that in spite of the rising costs of doing business or that stack of unpaid bills, you’ll be able to meet your expenses. A new established partner steps up to help you out of your rut. This could be in the form of a cash gift or advice that is priceless.

Work/Life: You’ll have to get a grip on your schedule if you are to maintain and grow your current enterprise. You have lots of irons in the fire and they all seem to be taking off at once; anything from a surprise important interview that may have you unexpectedly flying out of town to trying to catch the latest school athletic event or play. You’ll be busy this week and this is only the beginning.  You may be forced to finally deal with a troublesome tooth or a stressed digestive tract.

Relationships: Others may feel nervous about all the commotion and may act out wanting more of your attention. This goes for anyone who feels entitled to your time, such as your boss, spouse, children or close friend. Romantically, Libras may be feeling overwhelmed and pressed on all fronts. Your partner will give you the chance to rest; however, their sweet attitude gets the passion moving for you. Single Libras may be in danger of burning the candle at both ends if you don’t pace yourself. Trust that you’ll meet Mr./Ms. Right at the right time and that you can skip a night out if you prefer. Celebrate your ability to have perfect timing in all areas of your life.


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Week of September 20, 2010

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
Finance: New enterprise materializes this week in the form of others paying it forward to you. This unexpected shift causes a new financial opportunity to blossom. Your bottom line is looking stronger.

Work/Life: You will need patience this week in dealing with a situation that has been dragging out. You’ll have the communication skills necessary to put an end to another’s inability to stand up for him or herself. You’ll be asked to take the lead on a project that may not initially pay well. Go for it and trust will make it happen long-term.

Relationships: You have the ability to console another regarding a recent loss. You’ll gain their undying loyalty and respect by doing so. Romantically coupled Virgos may be feeling their way through uncharted emotional and physical depths. Your partner is excited about your willingness to forge through your insecurity. Single Virgos are connecting well with friends, but may appear a bit aloof with others. Go out of your way to connect with that potential partner this week and they’re open to it. Celebrate your winning style.

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A Question and an Answer

Did you ever wonder why an issue that you’ve worked on and dealt with in the past comes up again years later?  Have you wondered why you may be asked to work on it again?  Well I did – so I asked the guides why it is that we have to keep working on issues that we feel we’ve already had closure with, and this is what I received:

“You are a product of the Creator. As mini-creators you are constantly recreating yourself, your life and your experiences. When you crave to have something new in your life, you have to look at the ingredients you have to work with – the ingredients are the fabric, the emotions, the joys, the heartbreaks that you have experienced in this life. If you want to create something new for yourself, something must shift. You need to alter your ingredients. The only way to do this is to change the frequency, also known as your DNA, of a subject that created a strong emotional out- put – good or bad. So for this shift in creation to occur we need to go back to a situation that has caused us emotional pain and shift it again. Each time we shift it – it creates a new awareness within our DNA and we gain more truth, vitality, understanding, awareness, compassion, longevity, etc.  All is used to help us on our path to create a life we love. This is why we keep going back to certain situations and continue to work with the emotions and conversations around those upsetting events. Most of the time you’ll work on something and then make a huge shift and it doesn’t come up again for years or even decades later, but if it does come up – you want to work with it as though another insight or awakening is available for you.  You’ve made enough changes in other areas of your life, so you have altered your DNA that you are now returning to this event to get the most out of it.  So your DNA was different 20 years ago than your DNA of today. So when you re-examine this event – you’ll experience it in a new way.

I hope this helps.

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