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Week of September 6, 2010

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): Finance:  You continue to gain control over your financial situation and feel confident that things are getting better. You’re renewed outlook is based on new information and more monies coming directly your way, possibly through inheritance, the sale of a property, stocks or a business. Personal productivity is positive, although that may not be reflected in a weekly paycheck.

Work/Life:  You continue to give others the benefit of the doubt, even while they are stepping on your toes. Be aware that more information will come to light on or shortly after September 12 when mercury is no longer retrograde. Until that time it’s best to not make promises, but to keep an open agenda as things will continue to shift around you. The new moon on September 8 will help to unleash your deepest thoughts and possibly unleash additional fears; do your best to not get caught in any negative mindset and stick to the higher road. You’ll have plenty to cheer about as motivated individuals seek you out for work related endeavors. You may even have a surprise business offer or opportunity that will stand out. Make sure you do plenty of gentle stretching, especially with your hands.

Relationships:  You have big ideas and are known to champion those closest to you. This week you may find yourself frustrated that others aren’t reciprocating and rolling out the red-carpet for you. It’s ok to speak up and let your loved ones know about your disappointment, especially if you are in a new relationship. You don’t want this to be the status quo. Coupled Virgo’s get a chance to clear the air, just do so gently – it’s not anything that you need to dwell on. They will have heard you the first time. This can then create an opportunity for a more relaxed weekend and venue for sharing like-minded activities. Single Virgo’s may have their stubborn streak show up and have to fight against themselves to give in to another’s idea, even though your gut tells you otherwise. Sometimes it’s ok to let someone else win, even if it’s going to fall apart. If they’re a keeper, just make sure you stay away from the “I told you so” line. Celebrate your ability to bounce back.


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